Aesthetic dentistry

How to overcome the fear of the dentist?

  Many patients are afraid when they come to the clinic for the first time, not knowing very well how to overcome their fear of the dentist, either because of negative experiences in other centres or because of the anxiety caused by the instruments used in dental treatments. Our team takes care of each patient, attending to their ...


The power of the smile

We often don't realise how important it is to have a healthy and attractive smile. It is our calling card, this part of the body not only serves us for such vital acts as breathing, speaking and eating, but also for transmitting emotions and generating a positive or negative impact on people. The…


Basic tips to maintain good oral health

Our clinical team stresses the importance of brushing your teeth and gums after every meal, otherwise they become inflamed by the bacteria found in plaque. If the inflammatory process is reversible, it is called gingivitis. This superficial inflammation of the gums can be healed by professional cleaning ...