what is a dental implant?

Dental implants are clinically pure titanium artificial roots with an excellent degree of biocompatibility with the body. They are placed in the mandibular or maxillary bone to create a solid base to restore individual teeth or partial or total prostheses. They also offer a safe and permanent solution for the replacement of one or more teeth.

What type of implants do we use?

In the clinic we use high quality implants (BTI Implant System) together with advanced surgical techniques and plasma rich in growth factors, which accelerates the healing process and tissue regeneration (bone and gum).

In this way, both pain and the risk of infection, inflammation and post-surgical complications are reduced. In addition, we managed to speed up the recovery time.

Complex clinical cases

On many occasions we find cases of patients with severe bone atrophy, which is why, to rehabilitate with implants, we have to resort to other previous surgeries in order to regenerate the lost bone tissue.


Here at the  Luis Naranjo Dental Clinic we are specialists in this type of more complex treatments, either because the patient has significant bone atrophy or has general health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.


In these cases, a very thorough diagnosis and planning must be carried out. For this, we have a scanner that provides us with a 3D visualization that allows us to determine bone densitometry, anatomical structures and virtual implant placement. For us, the digital scanner is an essential tool when planning this type of surgery.