Oral Surgery

What is an oral surgery?

It is a discipline that encompasses all dental and bone pathologies such as the extraction of unerupted wisdom teeth or canines and soft tissue pathologies such as gums or labial or lingual braces. It also includes the removal of cysts, as well as the interventions that must be carried out in some cases to prepare the tissues for dental implants.


All treatments performed in The Luis Naranjo Dental Clinic are performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and in complex cases we use conscious sedation.

Extraction of embedded teeth or remnants of roots

It is a very common pathology to have an embedded tooth that has not erupted. The most frequent parts are usually the wisdom teeth and canines. The treatment that is normally applied when a patient presents this type of pathology is surgical extraction. This should be applied with adequate techniques always thinking about the conservation of the adjacent tissues.

On the other hand, when a patient presents fragments of teeth in the bone belonging to teeth already extracted, it is convenient to proceed with their extraction. In this way, we prevent infections and repair the affected bone area as soon as possible by using the PRGF technology (plasma rich in growth factors) for subsequent rehabilitation with implants and recovery of the lost tooth.

Oral surgery


Plasma rich in growth factors

Tooth extraction with PRGF

When extracting a tooth, we always consider the subsequent rehabilitation of the missing tooth. For this purpose, in the majority of extractions carried out in the clinic we use the PRGF to achieve a much faster bone regeneration in the empty alveolus.

pre-prosthetic surgery

Tissue regeneration prior to oral rehabilitation

We often encounter patients who do not have sufficient bone volume and height to retain an implant. This occurs as a result of the long-term loss of teeth. In these cases, the best thing to do is to regenerate the jawbone as soon as possible for subsequent rehabilitation with implants.

The Luis Naranjo Dental Clinic uses the most advanced techniques together with PRGF, plasma rich in the patient's own growth factors.