TMJ, Occlusion and Bruxism


What is the temporomandibular joint?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the one that joins the jaw with the skull. Sometimes this joint can stop working properly due to various factors, causing severe pain in the jaw, head and neck.

Most common TMJ disorder

One of the contributing factors to dysfunction of this joint is the bruxism or what is commonly called as '' grinding or clenching of teeth ''. It is estimated that 70% of the population suffers from this jaw problem and very few cases are diagnosed. Most of them are related to patients who experience situations of stress or anxiety. This leads them to tighten the jaw and makes it difficult for them to fully open their mouth, causing severe pain that reduces their well-being.


Treatment of Bruxism at the Luis Naranjo Dental Clinic

Discharge splints

They are custom-made taking into account the occlusal conditions of each patient. In this way, we minimise the effects of bruxism as they protect the teeth and relax the jaw.


Once the splint has been designed, our professional team informs the patient of the instructions to take in order for it to be used effectively.

Features of discharge splints