Plasma Rich in Growth Factors


Here at the  Luis Naranjo Clinic, we want to offer you the latest technology in bone and soft tissue regeneration (gingiva, etc.): the PLASMA RICH IN GROWTH FACTORS (PRGF)

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What is the prgf technique?

Plasma rich in growth factors consists of isolating the proteins responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration from blood plasma. Once applied to the area to be treated and administered in a therapeutic dose, the repair process is optimised and accelerated in a natural way.


Are there any contraindications?

The PRGF technique can be said to be an autograft, as the patient's own proteins are responsible for carrying out and accelerating the repair process.
The PRGF procedure can be applied to most patients and is especially beneficial for those with compromised healing or need for stimulation of bone regeneration, such as smokers and diabetics.
With the help of plasma rich in growth factors, we can adequately stimulate bone regeneration after a surgical intervention, while achieving rapid healing and reducing the risk of post-surgical complications.

Advantages of PRGF

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